Grotto Activities Have Resumed!

We have resumed our monthly meetings and cave trips. Meetings are being held in-person and online using Zoom. The in-person meetings are being held in the big room at the NSS to allow for social distancing. To attend an in-person meeting your must wear a face mask and have you temperature checked at the door. The number of people allowed on cave trips is also being constrained based on the attributes of each cave.

Information for those Ridgewalking and Exploring on your own

  • Please visit the Cave Access Page. You will find a listing of Closed Caves, this suggests areas to avoid in your Explorations & Ridge-walking. You will also find links to information on hunting seasons in the surrounding areas
  • Information to help you discuss access with landowners can be found at AL Recreational Use Statute
  • Know the law and your responsibilities for caves sites see Alabama Cave Law and Tennessee Cave Law
  • This document can be use to help satisfy a landowner that they will not be held liable in case of a mishap, Release from Liability Form
  • Suggest printing out and carrying these with you as your go into the field on your explorations.