Lazy G Wedding Chapel
3591 Greenbriar Cove Rd.• Union Grove, AL 35175


From Huntsville:

Take Memorial Parkway south, crossing the river and climbing Brindlee Mountain.  Turn left on Union Grove road, at the Top of the Mountain cafe. Continue down this road about 1.8 miles until reaching the big, white wooden sign for the Lazy G.  Turn left on Greenbriar Cove Road and continue down the mountain, and turn left at the sign for the Lazy G when you get to the bottom.


From Guntersville/Chattanooga:

From Chattanooga, take I-24 west toward Nashville.  On nearing Kimball, TN, take US Highway 72 until reaching Scottsboro and the exit for highway 79.  There will be signs for the Goose Pond Colony. Take this exit, then turn left under the highway.  Continue on this road parallel to the river until the intersection with US 431 near Guntersville. Take a left towards Guntersville.  In Guntersville, take a right onto Henry Street. Continue on this for about 6 miles, then take a right onto Union Grove road.  After 10 miles, there should be a sign for the Lazy G Wedding Chapel. Take a right onto Greenbriar Cove road, following it down the mountain, and take a left at the sign for the Lazy G.

From Birmingham:

From Birmingham, start out on I-65 going North.  You will want to get over to Arab, AL.  One way of doing that is taking exit 287 at Smoke Rise and then taking US highway 31.  At Garden City, take state highway 26 over to Blountsville.  From Bloutsville, take US 231 north.  From the intersection of US 231 and highway 69 in Arab, it is 8.8 miles until you reach Greenbrier Cove Road.  Turn right and go a mile and a half, and then cross Union Grove Road and head down the hill.  Turn left at the sign for the Lazy G at the bottom of the mountain.

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